The world is not only changing—it’s changing at light speed! Faster communications, logistics, manufacturing technology and artificial intelligence and travel have unleashed a world of opportunity of epic proportions. The rise of the global middle class is being transformed in a mere decades, not generations. The convergence of technology and a globalization present opportunities like no other time in history!

Importing and exporting, historically, have been a viable means to build wealth, coupled with an exciting career in international business and travel. In modern times, technology and software are now made available to the masses, making the barrier of entry even lower!



My name is Vinh Ho, and ever since graduating from college in the late 1990s, I have been engaged in Asia, specifically China, and more recently Vietnam. I have been traveling the region for two decades, working on manufacturing, supply chain, and exports. The region continues to grow at warp speed, presenting opportunities like never before!


a little about me!

I have a certificate in global trade and am APICS-certified in supply chain. My interest spans China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well as import-export, logistics, and e-commerce. In my freetime, I enjoy making YouTube videoss, riding bicycle, reading history, learning about Asia and attending cultural arts events and museums. I am originally from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota but, currently, based in Saigon, Vietnam.

My Story

HOW I STARTED my journey

Right out of college in the late 1990s I spent two years teaching in China and learning Chinese. That led to pursuing a masters in Chinese studies from the University of Hawaii and Asia Pacific Leadership fellowship at the East-West Center. Ever since then, I have been importing and manufacturing product in China and, recently, Vietnam. I am continuing to work with Chinese and Southeast Asian manufacturers to source material, products, and machinery.

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