Bun Cha Hanoi become a household name when former President Obama dined with foodie sensation Anthony Bourdain at a family-run restaurant in Vietnam’s capital in 2016. Who could forget the iconic image of two well-known stars dining sitting on plastics stools in a busy and cramped bun cha restaurant sipping Hanoi beer?

Essentially, bun cha is a BBQ meat dish where you dip the meats, rice noodles, lettuce and condiments in the fish sauce and vinegar broth. Though it is considered a northern dish, you can find bun cha served throughout major cities across Vietnam.

Tonight, I joined Kylie of Internations.org who organized a bun cha outing which attracted well over 15 attendees. Afterwards, a small group of us continued the fun by getting nearby craft brews.

Trying out bun cha Hanoi in Saigon.
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