In this discussion, Justin and I talk about the pros and cons of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Da Nang, Vietnam. We cover housing costs, “digital friendly” amenities, infrastructure, traffic, entertainment, local and western food, etc., so you can make an informed decision. Learn why Justin and I prefer one place over the other. It may surprise you!

Chiang Mai pros and cons:

+ Housing selection, variety, low-cost, easy, no-hassle sign-ups

+ Plethora of cafes and co-working spaces, catered to western, expats

+ Well-developed digital nomad community

+ Lots of weekly events such as Nomad Coffee Club, Amazon FBA meetings, bitcoin, sourcing from China, Kindle Publishing, digital marketing, etc.

+ Decent shopping malls offering nearly everything you could wish for

+ Mild, pleasant year-round

-Traffic congestion can be hectic, especially on Nimman Road and Huay Kaew Road

-“Burning season,” starting around March and April can be unbearable

Da Nang pros and cons:

+ Relatively low-cost of living

+ Beach access at affordable price

+ Cleaner and more planned out streets

+ Fresh air, surrounded by mountains and beaches

+ Generally, friendliest and most honest people in Vietnam

+ Very convenient and new international airport—Just 10 minutes to town!

+ Good city for cycling and running

-Housing selection is not as easy as Chiang Mai and a bit more expensive

-Small digital nomad community; most foreigners are English teachers

-Not much arts or planned events catered to westerners

-Raining season from October through December can be cold, wet and unbearable for months

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