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Meet the Chiang Mai Ambassador

Get to know one of the most familiar faces in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Shayne Rochfort, the Chiang Mai Ambassador and how and why he’s been calling this home for the last 9 years.

Beautiful Saigon Ladies

Every ethnicity and nationality has its own criteria of beautiful women, however, I prefer Vietnamese over every other and explain why. https://youtu.be/g9KdggkvZx0

US-China Trade War: 50 Billion Dollar Tariffs

Since July 6, the United States under the Trump administration has implemented its first-phase of tariffs on Chinese-made goods. Subsequently, China retaliated with its own tariffs on US-made goods to match. Right now, we are in the tit-for-tat full blown trade war....

Asia: The Future is Here!

The Pacific century is among us and Asian nations are on the rise. See what super cities are making an impact and are transforming the new world order.

The Asian Century

The Asian century is here. Are you ready?