What is a digital nomad?

In the last few years, more and more people are discovering location independent lifestyles—earning an income online while traveling the world. These jobs usually consist of coding, blogging, ecommerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and Amazon FBA, etc. As long is one is able to travel while making money and be not tied down to one location, then one could be called a digital nomad. 

One digital nomad city regularly topping the list is northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai. The city is favorable by most digital nomads due to its mild climate, low-cost of living, ease-of-housing and housing options, the variety of cheap food, cafe shops, co-working places, and a well developed foreign expat community. You can directly plug-in to the community by attending the weekly Nomad Coffee Club and the annual Nomad Summit. Now that I’m on my second Chiang Mai stint, I really agree that it is the best place for digital nomads!   

I met Bea of Beawander.com and was interested in learning about her personal journey: how she was inspired, how she made the move, what her family and friends thought, and what resources she was tapping into get her digital nomad information. We discuss all this in the interview, as well as her blog: Beawander.com


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