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Years ago out of college, I came across a book titled, Chic Simple, an all-encompassing guide book—a style and wardrobe philosophy, really—which outlines the bare essentials of what every man and woman should have in his or her wardrobe: a basic, versatile, contemporary, and sophisticated outfit for nearly every occasion. Think: the navy blue blazer for men; the little black dress for women. Every since then, I’ve been obsessed with applying this ‘chic simple’ philosophy toward all my possessions, including my travel gear.

Travel Bags

Aer Travel Bag

Why I like it: Made of ballistic nylon, this bag is rugged, good looking, simple, and minimalist. It also doesn’t scream “backpacker!” Professional-looking for any city or business setting.

Prvke 21 Photography Bag

Why I like it: This sleek bag is practical and stylish enough for a night out on the town; inconspicuous without anyone knowing that I’m carrying expensive cameras and lenses. It also holds a laptop so I can commute to co-working spaces, re-enforcing the old adage—the best camera is the one you have on you.


Panasonic Lumix G7 (Lenses: 14-140 mm, 42.5 mm, 25 mm)

Why I like it: The most affordable, easy-to-use, 4K camera on the market! It’s lightweight for travel, takes awesome videos and stills—just what I need! This camera is bare-bones, easy-to-use, and does everything I need a camera to do. I use it to film my Global Trade YouTube videos.

For daily vlogs: Canon G7X

Why I like it: 
Portable, flip-up screen, image stabilized, great autofocus and good in low-light, this is the best vlogging camera for my needs and is my go-to camera when space is limited and when I want to take a camera along for those spur-of-the-moment shots.

Zhiyun Crane-M Gimbal

Why I like it: As intended, it helps smooth out jittery hands and provides a cinematic-like experience to my travel videos.

Manfrotto BeeFree Travel Tri-Pod

Why I like it: Lightweight, pack-able, and sturdy, this is my go-to all-purpose tripod for travel.

Oben Monopod

Why I like it: Best bang for your buck, well built and at $30, very affordable—not too high-end nor too cheap.

Podcasting & Audio Hardware

2 x Knox Microphones

Why I like it: Could be the best value-for-your buck, it comes at a mere $39 price tag each and its build and function is similar, if not identical, to the more expensive Audio-Technica’s ATR-2100. The case of same product, disguised differently, coming out of the same factory? Hmmm…

Focusrite 2i2 Interface

Why I like it: Built-tough and portable, this interface ups my audio game during interviews by allowing me to use XLR microphone cables. Result: sound is much cleaner and crisper, giving my YouTube interviews more credibility. I also use it for Skype calls.

Zoom H1 Handy Audio Recorder

Why I like it: As its name implies, I love this small recorder because I can take it with me at all-times which is great for recording sound when I don’t want to do a full mic set-up. If you’re just getting into YouTube, the Zoom H1 would be the one to purchase.

Zoom H5 Handy Audio Recorder

Why I like it: This is a step up in professional audio, has more options which allow you to hook up XLR cable mics, is well built and has nice, tactile, old-school knobs. Looking to up your audio game? Zoom H5 hands-down!

Cell Phone

Oneplus One

Why I like itIt is simple, good-looking, and does 90% of what the big name phones do at one-fourth the price. I have been very happy with its minimalist design and function. I purchased a late model international version for $230 on Amazon and have used it throughout my Asia travels.

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