My girlfriend and I have been spending quite a lot of time in her hometown of Buon Ma Thuot City in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It’s about a .45 minute flight from HCMC or an 8 hour overnight bus ride.

BMT is a medium-sized city which is the coffee and black pepper capital city of Vietnam. Trung Nguyen Coffee, one of Vietnam’s most famous brands, made their fame here.

What I like best about this place is the livability, cooler weather, nice people, and fresh air, compared to HCMC.

One of the gems I recently came across was rock-bottom dental cleaning. We came across Nha Khoa Bao An (Bao An Dental Clinic) located at 241 Phan Chu Trinh, which is one of the city’s major roads.

As we walked through the doors peering around the waiting room, I was quite amazed at the modern and updated facilities. I couldn’t help but think how all the equipment resembled the same as my dental clinic in St. Paul, MN. The rooms and dental stations were all clean, tidy and adequate.

All I needed that day was to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist used similar equipment to clean my teeth, while an assistant was helping administer water and using a vacuum to suck up excess water in my mouth. I was surprised that there was little if any irritation during the procedure. About 20 minutes in and after gurgling mouthwash, the dentist applied familiar fluoride paste to my teeth.

The whole procedure took about 30 minutes, before I was whisked away back to the waiting lounge to meet my girl friend.

As the bill came, I was thinking in my mind that considering I usually pay about $135 for my teeth cleaning in the US (with dental insurance), I would be happy to pay $50. However, to my astonishment, the total bill came to under $5 USD ($4.31 to be exact)!

As I was walking out from the clinic, I couldn’t believe my eyes and was trying to calculate the final cost in mind. Yep, I couldn’t believe that I just paid 100,000 VND for the cleaning! Amazing!

Honestly, I’m not sure if all dental fees are this low in Vietnam, however, I do know I got an amazing deal from this one! I’ll be back for sure!

So the next time you’re in Vietnam, be sure to check the prices to see if there are affordable options for your dental work.

Nha Khoa Bao An:

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